All About Autism Podcast 010: An Interview With Brian King From a Hotel in Casper Wyoming


In Episode 010, Dave and Heather broadcast from a quaint hotel room in Casper, Wyoming. They interview Brian R. King, LCSW. Brian consults and speaks professionally nationwide, providing strategies for bridging the communication gap between those on the Autism Spectrum and the rest of society.

The All About Autism Podcast is talk radio for those desiring to be familiarized, energized, apprised, advised and empathized with regarding all things Autism. Your husband-and-wife hosts, Dave and Heather Eaton, will bring you a weekly show with new releases every Monday.

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Show Notes:
1.) Introduction
2.) Autism in the News
– A sad case of a child with autism eloping
3.) Main Theme: An interview with Brian King, LCSW
4.) Heather’s Happenings — a.k.a. — My Friend Bill
– Heather’s friend Bill earns his birthday party

Heather’s question for the listeners: If an individual’s level of functioning is between 5 to 8 years old (but his actual age is 35 years old), then is it appropriate for that individual to go trick-or-treating?

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5.) Listener Feedback:
– Question from Phyllis from Detroit
6.) Closing / Credits

Links for Brian King:
Brian King’s Web site: Spectrum
On Twitter: @BrianRKing

Special thanks goes out to our guest, Brian King; Phyllis from Detroit; and of course, Heather’s friend, Bill, for being a part of this week’s podcast. We’re grateful for your contributions.

Next week’s episode: Episode 011: Autism and Wandering will be released Monday, October 22. Don’t miss it!

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2 thoughts on “All About Autism Podcast 010: An Interview With Brian King From a Hotel in Casper Wyoming

  1. Your podcast is a great idea, Brian. I love the titles listed also about autism. Since my Grandson, Sean Ashley, is 32 yrs. old now it will give me an insight what is happening now in the autism world. A BIG THANK YOU!!!!

  2. I didn’t discover these podcasts until this week, when one was shared on the Eaton Alliance FB page. I want to tell you I am absolutely thrilled to have this gem of information available! My son, now 10, was diagnosed in October of 2012, and as I listen (because I’m determined to go through all of what’s available from the last couple of year), I find myself nodding in understanding, at so many things.

    Heather asked a question during this podcast (which is probably addressed later, or perhaps it was intended as rhetorical) that was a big struggle for me, as a parent/care giver to embrace and work through. Many times, through a positive reward system, my son will accomplish a change of behavior, showing that he is capable of making the choice, but the behavior change lasts for as long as the reward did (in many cases). If he tired of the reward or lost interest, it was as though he didn’t care about the behavior change because the payoff wasn’t what he wanted. Now, as his cognitive ability as developed, there are some behaviors that he recognizes during discussions and/or role playing which he nails, but in the “heat of the moment” he is not able to apply the correct behaviors. I would posit, then, that the behaviors also depend on where my son is at the time. If he’s stressed or over stimulated, he has far less ability to cope than when he’s in his comfort zone.

    As far as a 35 yr old 5 yr old trick or treating… my knee-jerk response is no… however, is there not a way to organize a trunk or treat specifically for SN or spectrum kiddos, which would meet the individuals needs?

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