All About Autism Podcast 013: Autism in Politics


In this episode, Dave and Heather Eaton discuss Autism in Politics. Our special guest for Episode 013 is Mirella Petersen, who is the president of the Utah Autism Coalition.

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Show Notes:
1.) Introduction
2.) Autism in the News
– Early Therapy Can Change Brains of Kids With Autism
3.) Main Theme: Autism in Politics with special guest Mirella Petersen of the Utah Autism Coalition
4.) Heather’s Happenings — a.k.a. — My Friend Bill
– Heather’s friend Bill reports on Halloween and discusses voting for the 2012 presidential candidates
5.) Listener Feedback:
– Question from Erin in Sacramento, California
6.) Closing / Credits

Special thanks goes out to Mirella Petersen, Erin in Sacramento, and of course, Heather’s friend, Bill, for being a part of this week’s podcast. We’re grateful for your contributions.

Next week’s episode: Episode 014 on Early Start Denver Model (ESDM) will be released Monday, November 12, 2012. Don’t miss it!

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