All About Autism Podcast 024: The Zone of Proximal Development


For Episode 024 of the All About Autism Podcast, your hosts, Dave and Heather Eaton tackle a discussion of the Zone of Proximal Development.

The All About Autism Podcast is talk radio for those desiring to be familiarized, energized, apprised, advised and empathized with regarding all things Autism. Your husband-and-wife hosts, Dave and Heather Eaton, bring you a weekly show with new releases every single Monday.

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Show Notes:
1.) Introduction
2.) Autism in the News
– Whole Foods Apologizes for Telling Autistic Customer to Wear a Leash
3.) Main Theme: The Zone of Proximal Development
4.) Heather’s Happenings — a.k.a. — My Friend Bill
– Heather and Bill recall some “Bill-isms” and discuss some new goals for learning and development
5.) Listener Feedback:
– Comment from Jeff Hammer of Bloomington, Indiana
6.) Closing / Credits

Special thanks goes out to Jeff Hammer from Bloomington, Indiana, and Heather’s friend, Bill, for being a part of this week’s podcast. We’re grateful for your contributions.

Next week’s episode: Episode 025 will be released next Monday, January 28, 2013. Don’t miss it!

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3 thoughts on “All About Autism Podcast 024: The Zone of Proximal Development

  1. I was probably unfair to Bloomington, they may have a wealth of help compared to other cities in Indiana, I guess parents just always want more, right? I enjoyed the episode and will work on pushing, not just my son who has autism, but my daughter as well to reach new heights. Seems like a simple concept but it is easy to become complacent. Hey Dave, I agree with you about this Whole Foods situation. I even thought “Even if this guy did say what she says he did, how do we know that he wasn’t just someone who can’t separate ‘buddy’ talk and public talk?” I mean say he’s used to saying “Your wife keeps you on a short leash huh pal?” Maybe he was merely meaning “Can you watch him a little closer? Reign him in a bit?” Just a thought, keep up the good work.

  2. Are there any proven approaches out there for adults with autism? It seems like every approach is geared toward children. My son goes to a day program and all they do is babysit him. I don’t see any real progress. Not to be negative.

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