All About Autism Podcast 059: Autism, Atheism and the Discovery of Spikey


Episode 059Are all autistics atheists? Some people think so… Listen to Episode 059 to find out what you believe. We have a wild episode for you this week — just in time for Halloween. Your host Heather Eaton will tell you a story during this episode that you won’t believe! It’s pure gold (and it’s a true story)!

The All About Autism Podcast is talk radio for those desiring to be familiarized, energized, apprised, advised and empathized with regarding all things Autism. Your husband-and-wife hosts, Dave and Heather Eaton, bring you a weekly show with new releases every single Saturday.

Show Notes:
1.) Introduction
2.) Autism in the News
– Arizona mother kills 10-year-old daughter and 13-year-old autistic son at California hotel
3.) Main segment: Autism and Atheism
4.) My Friend Bill:
– Heather’s friend Bill helps her tell a creepy, TRUE Halloween story about “Spikey”…
5.) Listener Feedback:
– Comment from C. Homell
6.) Closing / Credits
7.) Song: “The Autism Anthem” — by Dave Eaton

Special thanks to C. Homell for your comments, and to our friend, Bill, for being a part of the show.

Next week’s episode: Episode 060 will be released next Saturday, October 5, 2013. Don’t miss it!

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