All About Autism Podcast 093: Is Everyone on the Autism Spectrum?


Episode 093

This is Episode 093 of the All About Autism Podcast. For a second week in a row, your usual hosts, Dave and Heather Eaton are unavailable to join us, having just moved to California and enjoying a well-deserved vacation.

So, for this episode, once again, you have two guest hosts: Jason Producer Jason and his wife, Natalie Pyles, of the Book Review Podcast. In this show, Jason and Natalie use a New York Magazine article to discuss whether everyone is on the autism spectrum. Also, Jason and Natalie talk about author Kelle Hampton’s memoir Bloom: Finding Beauty in the Unexpected and a short article by Emily Perl Kingsley titled Welcome to Holland — both are must-reads for anyone who has loved ones on the autism spectrum.

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Show Notes:
1.) Introduction
— Guest hosts Jason and Natalie Pyles
2.) Autism in the News
— story: Do Autistic Kids Fare Better in Integrated or Specialized Schools? — Listen to it here.
3.) Main segment: Is Everyone on the Autism Spectrum? Read the whole article here
4.) Finding Beauty in the Unexpected
Bloom: Finding Beauty in the Unexpected – a memoir by Kelle Hampton (5 out of 5 stars)
— Emily Perl Kingsley’s Welcome to Holland — a must-read!
5.) Quick update on Matt Fuller’s “Autism in Love” documentary
Hear our interview with the director and producer in Episode 057
5.) Closing / Credits
6.) “The Autism Anthem” by Dave Eaton

Next week’s episode: Episode 094 will be released next Saturday, June 14, 2014. Don’t miss it!

Links for this episode:

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One thought on “All About Autism Podcast 093: Is Everyone on the Autism Spectrum?

  1. First: I like you guys better than the Eatons. I think they are too close to the issues to really understand how other people see Autism.
    Second: autism is such a broad term without an exact definition that everyone could fit
    Third: Everyone has problems in this life (at some point or another) so why bother with expectations. Let life happen. Learn and grow from what happens.
    Fourth: I like the links to the original stories.

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