All About Autism Podcast: No Show This Week


Hans Christian Andersen statueHi, this is “Jason Producer Jason” from the All About Autism Podcast. We’re sorry to report that we do not have a new episode this week, but we’ll definitely be back to our regular weekly schedule next Saturday, March 16. But even so, I’ve recorded a little 5-minute ditty for the fans out there, as a sort of consolation recording in the absence of a real episode. Thanks for listening.

The All About Autism Podcast is talk radio for those desiring to be familiarized, energized, apprised, advised and empathized with regarding all things Autism. Your husband-and-wife hosts, Dave and Heather Eaton, bring you a weekly show with new releases every single Saturday (except today).

Dave’s music video: “Brief Relief”

For more Dave Eaton music: The Dave Eaton Element

Next week’s episode: Episode 031 will be released next Saturday, March 16, 2013, when we’ll be discussing Floortime Therapy. Don’t miss it!

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Dave Eaton Music Video: “Brief Relief”

Dave Eaton, one of the hosts of the All About Autism Podcast, has a band called The Dave Eaton Element. Here is a music video for Dave’s song, “Brief Relief.” (You’ll see Dave in the opening shot, and his co-host, Heather Eaton, is holding a handsome baby in a close-up shot.) Oh, and “Jason Producer Jason” is the pianist.

Additional Links of Interest:

Bandcamp: The Dave Eaton Element

Dave Eaton’s “The Autism Anthem” (Download the MP3 free!)

Follow Dave’s band on Twitter: @EatonElement

The Autism Anthem



flapping my hands and strolling on my toes
suffer from sensory overload
extremely exclusive ’bout what I elect to eat
I engage in echolalia speech
even though I may avoid eye contact with you
and rarely render reciprocity
your affection and direction allow me to achieve — toward autonomy Continue reading