All About Autism Podcast 093: Is Everyone on the Autism Spectrum?


Episode 093

This is Episode 093 of the All About Autism Podcast. For a second week in a row, your usual hosts, Dave and Heather Eaton are unavailable to join us, having just moved to California and enjoying a well-deserved vacation.

So, for this episode, once again, you have two guest hosts: Jason Producer Jason and his wife, Natalie Pyles, of the Book Review Podcast. In this show, Jason and Natalie use a New York Magazine article to discuss whether everyone is on the autism spectrum. Also, Jason and Natalie talk about author Kelle Hampton’s memoir Bloom: Finding Beauty in the Unexpected and a short article by Emily Perl Kingsley titled Welcome to Holland — both are must-reads for anyone who has loved ones on the autism spectrum. Continue reading