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HEATHER HESS EATON was born in Torrance, California, and raised in Alpine, Utah. She is the mother of three wide-eyed, wild, wily and wonderful children. Heather is a Mormon. She is a personal trainer. Heather is an autism enthusiast and realist. She is not politically correct. Heather is maternal and matronly, yet progressive and pulchritudinous. Heather teaches four-year-olds at church. She is generous and great-hearted. Heather likes coconut, sushi, Pinterest and hip-hop… Heather is tempestuous and tender and thoughtful and truculent. Heather is creative, crafty and covetable. Dave Eaton has a crush on Heather. Heather likes holidays, Ellen DeGeneres, Instagram, Brooke Grant’s sense of humor, fitness magazines and her grandfather Donald J. Spencer. A pseudo-poet once penned to Heather, “Cosmos and comets consummate at you.” Heather is director of iPads at the Eaton Alliance Foundation. Heather was a manager at Victoria’s Secret for a decade; now she’s a professional podcaster and a mighty mother. Heather is a special advisor / consultant / den mother to Eaton Alliance Inc. Heather is a red head.

DAVE EATON is a Mormon, a father and an armchair philosopher-poet-musician-podcaster-jock-pugilist-awakener-lucubrationist-lover. Dave is the co-owner and co-founder of Eaton Alliance Inc., a provider that supports individuals with disabilities (specializing in autism). Dave also co-owns Eaton Alliance Employment Services, and he is the founder of the non-profit Eaton Alliance Foundation. Dave’s Alma Mater is Utah Valley University. He was raised in the suburbs of Chicago, a little hamlet in the Midwest. Dave went on a mission for The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints to Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. Dave likes sunflower seeds, the Grateful Dead, the Chicago Cubs, his three brothers and eight sisters, Bon Iver, Abraham Lincoln, Gail Eaton, reading non-fiction or classics, playing guitar, Neal A. Maxwell, persiflage with Azalea, boxing, Coca-Cola, William Glasser, being an uncle, James Edward Eaton Jr., macadamia nuts, wrestling Maxwell, Rush Limbaugh, Joseph Smith Jr., his in-laws (genuinely), Torrance dancing, the Chicago Bears, Teddy Roosevelt, Heather Hess Eaton, pizza, autism, 1 Nephi 8:12, Walter Payton, James E. Talmage’s “Jesus The Christ,” rugged individualism, Ralph Waldo Emerson, and talking for hours and hours.

Photo by Craig Tovey Photography

3 thoughts on “Meet Heather & Dave

  1. Hi Heather and Dave!
    You guys recently followed @autisminlove on Twitter and I noticed you guys do these amazing podcasts. Our documentary is months away from being finished, but I am wondering if there is any interest in us doing a podcast to talk about the process of making a documentary in the next few months?

    Please let me know! Keep up the great work…


  2. Hi Heather and Dave,
    Thank you for being such strong advocates of people with autism. I have a son and daughter with autism. They are grown now but I really appreciate everything you are doing. Your good heart and creating awareness of autism is appreciated. I really enjoyed the song too. It brought tears to my eyes and great memories of the great years I shared with my kids when they were little and the many years to come and see them as adults is exciting. Thank you again. Have a blessed month. Sincerely, Alina Ward

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